Killhouse TMC CQB

The legendary Tippmann TMC has been dramatically improved with the ALL NEW Killhouse Edition available for tactical paintball players around the world. The Killhouse Edition TMC utilizes the innovative, compact and durable design of the original TMC, but transforms the gun with incredible upgrades designed to improve your game.

Witness a massive increase in accuracy with the Headhunter Paintball Barrel TMC 12 Inch by Killhouse. With a smooth polished interior and a consistent bore size players will be able to count on an elimination down range. The Headhunter barrel also boasts a removable tip allowing for tactical upgrades right away. Install a silencer or Dishka Tip to transform the look and sound signature of your barrel.

Represent your love of Killhouse Weapon Systems and your Killhouse Operator status with the KWS Patch!

Transform your game today and SAVE BIG on the tactical upgrades you need with the Killhouse TMC CQB Edition!


  • Tippmann TMC – Black
  • Killhouse Headhunter Paintball Barrel TMC – 12in
  • Killhouse 210mm TMC Free Float CQB Keymod Shroud
  • Killhouse Weapon Systems 1″ Grey/Black Patch

Tippmann TMC Magfed Paintball Gun – Black

Dominate the paintball field with the Tippmann TMC Magfed Paintball Gun. With an authentic AR15 design this all new magfed paintball gun offers the most realistic look and feel possible on the paintball field. Legendary Tippmann durability is maintained in the TMC with a proven in-line bolt systems and durable aluminum receiver.

An ergonomic grip frame and 5 position tactical stock allow for comfortable shooting all day long. An air through grip frame allows for comfortable positioning of a remote line while dramatically improving the look and feel of the TMC. Featuring two 19 round magazines with built in mag-pullers ease of use and combat effectiveness is maintained.

With the ability to switch on the fly between hopper and magazine fed operation the TMC allows users to stay competitive in any combat situation.

Hit the field with the versatility and durability needed to come out on top in the heat of combat with the Tippmann TMC Magfed Paintball Gun!

Headhunter Paintball Barrel TMC 12in

Increase your performance on the paintball field with the Killhouse Headhunter Paintball Gun Barrel. With a smooth polished interior and a consistent bore size, the Killhouse Headhunter Paintball Gun Barrel provides you with high end performance. Not only is the Killhouse Headhunter Barrel high performing, it also looks great. With a tactical appearance, the Killhouse Headhunter Barrel keeps your milsim gun looking great on the field. The Killhouse Headhunter Barrel also features a threaded tip which is removable and compatible with any Petrol or LAPCO barrel tips.

Killhouse 210mm TMC Free Float CQB Keymod Shroud

The brand NEW Killhouse Free Float TMC Keymod Shroud is the perfect addition for players looking to customize their Tippmann TMC Marker to the fullest while making it look super realistic! The keymod rail-type uses a real steel, open-source design which allows operators to use a wide array of attachments (because of its standardized universal system) from flash light mounts, laser modules and scopes to foregrips and more! You can also attach select picatinny rails to the keymod shroud in order to mount picatinny specific gear! Another huge benefit of the keymod shroud is that it is very lightweight, which allows the operator to carry their marker around with ease. The Free Float Shroud is also very sturdy and able to withstand any game type that you throw at it. With the ability to deck your gun out with the coolest gear while looking super tactical, you can’t go wrong with a Free Float TMC Keymod Shroud by Killhouse Weapon Systems!

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