Paintball Hoppers

Paintball Hoppers

Feed your paintball gun fast with a motorized paintball hopper and stay in the game. Your paintball gun can only shoot as fast and reliably as the paintball loader that is feeding it, so the choice of hopper is an important one. 1-Shot carries the full line of Dye Rotors, Virtue Spires, Empire Halos and Prophecy loaders, at the best possible prices.

DYE Paintball Hoppers

Empire Hoppers

GI Sportz Paintball Hoppers

HK Army Hoppers

Planet Eclipse and Protoyz Hoppers

Tippmann Hoppers

Virtue Hoppers

Hopper Upgrades

Gravity Fed Hoppers

Loader Batteries

Paintball capacity, profile, rate of feed, and style are all considerations when choosing the right paintball hopper for your gun. Have a question about which loader is best for you? Email us at, or visit with us on Facebook. We're here to help!

BT Rip Clip Loaders

The BT Rip Clip hopper is a perfect choice for BT paintball guns that demand a fast feeding loading system when a gravity feed hopper just won't cut it. The BT Rip Clip utilizes the famous Halo feed system technology, giving players a reliable high speed feed system. The low profile hopper will avoid unnecessary exposure from paintballs that are flying towards you. Attach the Rip Clip Loader to any TM-15, TM-7, and any of the BT-4 combat variants.


Empire Paintball Hoppers

Based on the legendary HALO mechanics and electronics platform, Empire paintball hoppers have developed to be some of the most technologically advanced paintball hoppers. While the core technology of the HALO has evolved, the concept has remained the same – feed paintballs quickly into the paintball gun. Empire paintball hoppers are soft on paintballs, and are quick to react to the sound of your paintball gun firing. All you need is a set of four AA Energy Paintball Batteries and you Empire paintball hopper will do the rest.


HK Army Paintball Hoppers

Welcome to The Full Experience paintball hopper by HK Army. The new TFX paintball hopper is used by professional and available for everyone. With never before seen technology in any other paintball hopper before, the TFX has proven itself in some of the biggest paintball tournaments to date. Keep up with new advancements in technology and give yourself The Full Experience with the HK Army TFX paintball hopper. The paintball hopper of choice for the legendary team San Diego Dynasty.


Tippmann Paintball Hoppers

Tippmann has become known for creating the most durable paintball equipment. Tippmann paintball hoppers follow that reputation. The revolutionary Cyclone hopper system that does not require batteries was originally created for the Tippmann A5 and can now be installed on the Sierra One, Bravo One Elite, and Tippmann 98 paintball gun. Tippmann also offers the SSL-200, an electric force feed loader in case your marker cannot accept the cyclone feed system. Tippmann paintball hoppers share the durability and lasting quality like their legendary line up of paintball guns.


Gravity Feed Paintball Hoppers

Gravity feed paintball hoppers have held their place in paintball history as the most simple and reliable hopper. They are the simplest way to get paintballs into your paintball gun, using gravity. 1-Shot has a wide variety of gravity feed hoppers ranging from the simplest 200 round gravity feed loader to more technological paintball hoppers such as the Empire Multi Caliber Hopper and the Proto Primo Paintball Hopper. Most starter paintball guns will use a gravity feed paintball hopper. No batteries required.

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