Rize CZR Paintball Gun – Gold/Black

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Rize CZR Paintball Gun – Gold/Black

Air Tank: HPA Only

Hopper Feedneck: Universal

Barrel Thread: Standard Autococker

The DYE Rize CZR boasts an array of premium features typically reserved for high-end markers, setting a new standard in paintball performance. Equipped with the precision-engineered True Bore Core 2pc 14” barrel and the proven Hyper 3 regulator, this marker delivers unparalleled accuracy and consistency. Its advanced features include the DYE UL on/off airport, a Lever Lock adjustable clamping feed neck, the redesigned Ramp solenoid, and the innovative Rize Fuse bolt, ensuring the Rize CZR performs on par with the most elite markers on the market.

Beyond its technical prowess, the Rize CZR is engineered for ergonomic comfort and precision handling. The UL 45 frame and dual-density sticky grips, combined with a no-slip regulator sleeve and an adjustable aluminum trigger, offer an exceptional level of control. The marker’s balanced, low-profile design allows for comfortable, extended play, and this accurate paintball gun has the ability to shoot fragile paint.

Maintenance is simplified to keep you playing without pause. Features like internal Anti-Chop eyes, an easy-to-assemble bolt design, DYE’s self-cleaning 4th Gen eye pipe, and color-coded o-rings make upkeep straightforward, ensuring your Rize CZR remains in peak condition.

Designed to deliver top-tier performance at a reasonable price, the Rize CZR bridges the gap between affordability and elite functionality. This marker is a testament to DYE’s commitment to quality, comfort, and outstanding performance, offering an unmatched level of play for serious competitors.

Marker comes with parts kit, DYE slick lube, barrel sock, tools, and 9-volt.


  1.   DYE Core 2 piece 14” barrel
  2.   DYE ON/off UL airport
  3.   DYE Lever lock adjustable clamping feed neck
  4.   Anti-chop break beam eye system
  5.   4th gen Eye Pipe breech system –  self-cleaning with integrated ball detents
  6.   Patented Fuse bolt spool valve technology
  7.   Increased flow Hyper 3 Inline Regulator
  8.   DYE UL aluminum trigger
  9.   Ergonomic UL Composite 45 frame
  10.   Dual-Density injection sticky grip
  11.   Continuous 3-D contoured body design
  12.   LED circuit board with 4 tournament firing modes, and adjustable rate of fire.
  13.   Low 140psi operating pressure give smooth, accurate performance
  14.   New and improved solenoid offers durable, long lasting reliability
  15.   Quick-release macro line hose

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