Planet Eclipse Shaft 6 3-Piece 14″ Barrel System – Black




Planet Eclipse S63 Pro Starter Kit Black 14″ Barrel Kit


The Eclipse S63 Shaft 6 3-Piece 14″ Barrel System is the most advanced Planet Eclipse barrel system to date! The 3-piece system offers incredible flexibility and control when bore-matching your paintballs to your barrel system, by using the Eclispe PWR Inserts. Each of the 5 color-coded PWR Insert is made to a specific bore size, and micro-honed to deliver shot consistency. The breach-end has a heavily-chamfered opening and stabilising collars to help eliminate ball breakage in the barrel.


The Eclipse S63 Pro Tip is a precision-engineered barrel tip, and delivers exceptional accuracy. The carefully-placed porting reduces its sound signature, and the micro-honed interior finish makes for the most consistent shot possible.


The Eclispe S63 Pro Back features an incorporated tactile back section with a replaceable rubber sleeve, and the Eclispe PWR Insert viewing port let’s you quicly identify the bore size you are using. The quick-threading Cocker barrel threading make barrel insertion, removal, and PWR Insert swaps as quick as possible.


The Eclipse S63 Pro Starter Kit includes the 0.689 PWR Insert. Other PWR Insert sizes sold separately.

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