Planet Eclipse EMF100 MagFed Paintball Gun Black w/ S63 3-Piece Kit

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Air Tank: HPA Only. Not included.

Hopper Feedneck: Magfed, Hopper Attachment Included

Barrel Thread: Standard Autococker

Planet Eclipse EMF100 MagFed Paintball Gun Black with S63 3-Piece Kit

MagFed. A format where every shot counts. Every single one. There is no room for error. No room for flaws in your game. And definitely no room for flaws in your equipment. You pull the trigger, you need it to launch a round down-range. Every. Single. Time.

With decades of experience in manufacturing the some of the most technologically advanced, heavily researched, and extensively tested markers in the world we decided to apply our skills to the Mag-Fed world.

The result? The EMF100.

Powered by the outstanding Gamma Core, the EM100 offers previously unseen levels of performance and reliability to the MagFed game. From blistering desert heat to frozen wastelands and tropical jungles, there isn’t a more durable, refined or efficient drivetrain in paintball.

And for the more creative MagFed player, the EMF100’s adaptable built-in EMC rail kit opens up a whole world of accessorising. From lightweight CQB, to sniper or carbine, the EMF100 can become anything, for any player. Whatever your game.

Whatever your style. The EMF100 has you covered.


  • Gamma Core Drivetrain
  • Spool Valve Operation
  • MagFed And Hopper Fed Configurations
  • PAL Enabled (In Hopper-Fed Configuration)
  • Includes PAL Feedneck And Blanking Mag
  • Includes Drop Stock Adaptor
  • Includes 1 x CF20 Magazine
  • Includes Eclipse Spring And Follower Upgrade Kit
  • Hoseless Air Transfer System
  • 135PSI Operating Pressure
  • ST1 Bolt
  • Toolless Detent Access
  • GRN Construction
  • SL4 Inline Regulator
  • Matching S63 3-Piece Barrel System which includes an S63 PWR 0.689 Bore Insert
  • Battery Free Playing Experience
  • Compatible With Eclipse PWR Stock
  • Compatible With MOE™ Rail Panels
  • Compatible With DYE DTM Magazines
  • CQB And Carbine EMC Rail Configurations

Included in the Box

  • EMEK EMF100 Marker
  • Matching S63 3-Piece Barrel System which includes an S63 PWR 0.689 Bore Insert
  • 2 x Barrel Bags (Wide and Standard Fitment)
  • Eclipse Blanking Mag
  • 1 x Eclipse CF20 Magazine
  • 2 x Upgraded Springs
  • 2 x Upgraded Followers
  • PAL Compatible Feedneck
  • Feedneck Blanking Plate
  • Drop Stock Adaptor
  • Spares
  • Hex Keys
  • Grease
  • Manual

Product Update:

As of June 18, 2020, Planet Eclipse has renamed the MG100 and is now calling it the EMF100 (Eclipse Mag Fed 100). The newly named EMF100 will come with the DTM20 magazine, instead of the DTM10 magazine.

All MG100 purchases made after June 18, 2020, will be invoiced and ship as the EMF100 with the 20 round magazine.

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