GEO R5 Paintball Gun Retribution (Bronze/Sandstone)

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GEO R5 Paintball Gun Retribution (Bronze/Sandstone)

The Eclipse Geo is an iconic spool valve marker that has earned its place among the greatest marker platforms in the game and stands as a worthy sibling to the mighty Eclipse Ego. Now, the Geo returns, not just as an update but as a revolutionary platform with the Geo R5. This new model makes significant leaps forward with a host of incredible features, a brand-new GR drivetrain, and an ergonomic design package designed to reignite your passion for the Geo.

Throughout its numerous iterations, the Geo has consistently proven to be the spool marker of choice for players seeking unparalleled performance. Known for unmatched performance, supreme efficiency, and bulletproof reliability—standards famously consistent with all Planet Eclipse markers—the Geo R5 sets itself apart with its buttery smooth and incredibly stable shot characteristics, all wrapped in a progressive design.

The IV core drivetrain, synonymous with the Geo line, was originally developed for the iconic GSL. Its launch was a defining moment for spool valve marker technology, being the first to incorporate Breech Sensing technology. This innovation pushed spool valve efficiency into the realms of poppet valve markers.

Breech Sensing technology works by using the pulse of air behind the ball to help close off the main valve at a predetermined valve chamber pressure. By closing off the main valve before the valve chamber fully empties, it traps tail-end air that would otherwise be wasted down the barrel. This process increases efficiency significantly, as less air is needed to refill the firing chamber for the next shot. The result is a dramatic increase in efficiency with no downsides. This groundbreaking technology set a new standard in paintball marker development.

Continuing the tradition of innovation, the Geo R5 introduces an all-new drivetrain, designed to power the next generation of Geo fans. This marker continues to set the benchmark for performance and reliability in the world of paintball.

The Eclipse Geo R5 introduces the GR drivetrain, a brand-new design aimed at enhancing every aspect of the marker’s performance. This includes improvements in efficiency, feel, sound signature, and user-friendly features such as quicker and easier disassembly, cleaning, and maintenance. Every element of the GR drivetrain surpasses the legendary IV core, offering increased internal volume, low operating pressure, improved valve profiling, and breech sensing technology. These advancements combine to deliver phenomenal shot quality and exceptional efficiency.

The Geo wouldn’t be a Geo without the Solenoid Flow Restriction (SFR) system. This feature, which originated with the Geo, allows users to tune the bolt speed and shot profile to their preference. The factory-installed high-flow SFR is adjustable for almost any playing condition, but can be replaced with a low-flow SFR in very hot environments.

Beyond the new GR core, the Geo R5 has a completely reengineered solenoid and electronics layout, giving it a unique form and feel. The traditional Geo “bump” between the trigger guard and foregrip has been removed, resulting in an ultra-skinny body, frame, and foregrip interface that brings the front hand higher and tighter to the barrel axis. The increased space between the trigger guard and foregrip accommodates all playing styles. Additionally, the traditional visible eye covers have been redesigned for a cleaner, more streamlined look, with detents and breech sensor lightpipes now concealed behind the new foregrip.

The wraparound rear grips house the new solenoid assembly and the latest MME electronics package, featuring an OLED graphical user interface, USB, and Bluetooth® module. These allow for parameter adjustments via the relevant app or for controlling other Bluetooth® compatible devices. As with the current generation of Eclipse markers, the body and frame of the Geo R5 separate quickly and easily, with no wires, cables, or hoses between the two parts, making it a fresher and more efficient platform for players and techs alike.

Completing the Geo R5 performance package is the outstanding S63 Pro 3-Piece Barrel System, which revolutionizes control and precision. Featuring Eclipse PWR Inserts, widely adopted by other brands, this system allows users to customize their barrel setup as needed. The Geo R5 is also equipped with familiar high-end features such as a rake adjustable trigger, AA battery supply, ultra-small POPS assembly, low-rise feedtube, and the versatile Eclipse S63 Pro 3-piece barrel system with Eclipse PWR Inserts. This combination creates a devastating blend of performance, precision, quality, stability, and enviable reliability.


  • GR drivetrain (NEW)
  • Ergonomic ground-up redesign (NEW)
  • High-Flow FT Soft Tip Bolt (NEW)
  • Concealed toolless eye and detent covers (NEW)
  • OLED rear-mounted heads-up display (NEW)
  • Adjustable bolt acceleration profile via SFR (solenoid flow restrictor) (NEW)
  • 5-point adjustable blade trigger w/rake control (NEW)
  • S63 Pro barrel – total length 14.5″ (NEW)
  • S63 PWR inserts 0.685″ and 0.689″ inserts (NEW)
  • MME electronics package (NEW)
  • Bluetooth® on-board (NEW)
  • Non-slip rubberised and textured foregrip (NEW)
  • Wireless frame-to-body interface (NEW)
  • Lightpipe breech sensor technology (NEW)
  • 32-bit high performance, low power, RISC microcontroller (NEW)
  • Classic spool valve shot characteristics
  • Quick release bolt mechanism
  • Recalibrated breech sensing technology
  • 3D milled aluminium body
  • Larger valve chamber volume
  • Low operating pressure – 95-105psi
  • Reduced bolt force
  • Reduced recoil
  • Reduced sound signature
  • Increased air efficiency
  • Frame with extended reach and revised grip geometry
  • Deftek breech system (DBS)
  • Onboard spare detents
  • Hoseless air transfer system
  • Low profile POPS assembly
  • Two-piece toolless wrap-around interlocking grips
  • Push-button console and magnifying display lens
  • Low profile feed neck with locking sprocket wheel
  • Lock n’ load battery holder
  • 2 x AA battery operation
  • Toolless battery replacement
  • SL5 inline regulator in grip frame
  • Ultra low power SMC pilot valve
  • User-serviceable solenoid assembly
  • Micro USB programming port
  • E-Portal and E-Portal Lite app compatible


Air Tank: HPA Only

Hopper Feedneck: Universal

Barrel Thread: Standard Autococker

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