3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope by Killhouse Weapon Systems



Bring your enemies closer with the 3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope by Killhouse Weapon Systems. With the ability to zoom between 3 and 9 times, the 3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope by Killhouse Weapon Systems is ideal for all mid and long range combat situations. Utilizing both Red and Green illumination with 5 levels of intensity, the 3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope is ideal in multiple lighting conditions, giving you a clean, clear view of enemy combatants.

Ideal for any long range player, the 3-9x40EG Red/Green Scope has capped toolless elevation and windage dials, allowing you to make minute adjustments on the field to guarantee a clean shot. Included with the scope are two 1″ picatinny mounting rails, giving you the ability to quickly and easily mount your scope onto your favourite paintball or airsoft gun.


  • 3 to 9 levels of magnification
  • Red and Green illumination
  • 5 levels of intensity
  • Tool Less windage and elevation dials
  • Scope cap included for added protection and reduced glare
  • Two 1″ picatinny scope mounts included
Note: Not warrantied against breakage due to paintball or BB impacts.
*For paintball and airsoft use only. Not suitable for use with firearms.

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Weight .453 kg
Distributor for Paintball and Airsoft Equipment.

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