1911 US-C CO2 GBB BB Pistol Airgun – Black

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1911 US-C CO2 Airgun – Black


The perfect choice for the airgun-loving history buff

Using one of the most recognisable pistol platforms in the world – the ASG 1911 US-C airgun provides an authentic target shooting experience with plenty of heritage.

A modern twist on the classic 1911-type pistol designed by John Browning, the US-C airgun has ‘US Combat’ written down the side of the barrel and features blowback functionality for a more realistic recoil – upping the satisfaction while shooting.

An ideal sidearm to own for quick, precise target practice in the garden or on the range, at 2.85 joules, it also gives the opportunity to improve your technique and familiarity with a pistol before potentially progressing onto a real steel.

The US-C has the famous 1911 grilling along its sides, not to mention the iconic chequered-like panelling on the grip. While the magazine holds the CO2 cartridge.

The 1911 US-C airgun pistolis also a worthy display piece if you’re a collector of 1:1 replica guns that have both character and historical significance.

Standard magazines (19820) are available, as well as the 1911 US-C holster (19320) so you can confidently keep your airgun secure and practice your draw speed.

In its realistic black colour scheme, the US-C is a quintessential 1911 pistol with plenty of old-weapon charm.


  • C02 powered
  • Blowback
  • Metal slide
  • Metal body
  • Polymer grips
  • Dual safety feature – thumb grip and manual
  • Classic 1911-style design
  • 18-round magazine



As the name suggests, the 1911 sidearm first arrived in 1911, specifically for the US military and later down the line, finding its way into British and Russian armed forces as well.

Designed by John Browning, the pistol’s lifespan stretched over 100 years, making it the longest-serving handgun in US military history and one of the longest serving weapons in the world.

Of note, the 1911 features a safety on both the grip and thumb, the latter’s addition being because of the US calvary’s requirement for a soldier to be able to safely re-holster the gun one-handed, while it was still hot.

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