TiPX First Strike Breach by Killhouse Weapon Systems



The introduction of magfed paintball guns has truly changed the game of paintball and allowed for the evolution of the advanced Tiberius First Strike round. With the TiPX First Strike Breach by Killhouse Weapon Systems you can finally transform your TiPX into the accurate, long range marksmen platform you always wanted it to be. The TiPX First Strike Breach by Killhouse Weapon Systems takes advantage of precision manufacturing and a high grade all metal design which converts your stock breach into a First Strike ready variant. Using this new breach design gives a player the opportunity to use his or her Zeta Mags and Tiberius First Strike rounds to eliminate opponents who have previously been well out of range!


  • Converts your TiPX to a First Strike ready platform
  • Allows for your of Tiberius First Strike Rounds or standard .68 caliber paintballs
  • Installs easily into your TiPX
  • Works with standard TiPX magazines or Zeta Mags
  • Precision manufacturing helps eliminate bolt and o-ring wear
  • High grade machined metal construction
  • A5 Threads
Note: To fire Tiberius First Strike rounds Zeta Mags must be used. Stock TiPX magazines will not load First Strike Rounds.*

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Weight .226 kg

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