Empire Shockwave Board Axe/Mini


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Empire Shockwave Board Axe/Mini
The Empire Shockwave Board for the Axe or Mini is the perfect upgrade from your stock or broken board. While being incredibly cost effective, the board maintains a wide range of functions and the ability to program multiple firing modes for an easy switch between playing styles on the field. Programming those firing modes is simple with trigger pull activation and a bright multicolour LED to show you the changes you have made. Completely tournament legal with all of your standard firing modes, the Empire Shockwave Board is the perfect way to take your Empire Axe or Mini to the next level!



  • Available as a replacement part for Axe and Mini
  • Trigger Pull Activation
  • Tournament Lock
  • Four Programmable Firing Modes
  • NPPL/Semi Auto
  • PSP/Burst
  • Millenium/Ramping
  • Full Auto
  • Adjustable Dwell
  • Adjustable De-Bounce
  • Adjustable Ramp Start and Ramp Sustain
  • Bright Multicolour LED

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Weight .226 kg

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